Monday, November 18, 2013


She looks at me with her clouded eyes. They used to have a life in them at one point, but somewhere, somehow in time, that life faded. So she looks at me with her clouded eyes. The eyes that tell no story, have no mystery, nothing. Yet she is looking at me. But her mouth, her mouth says "I am hungry". Her mouth moves, yet the words don't come out. She says, "Feed me, food, drugs, sex, lies, hate, anything. Fill me with something. I am hungry." Her eyes hold no mysteries, so all can see that she is hollow, but she is looking at me. She asks me to feed her something, anything. I tell her no, and she looks past me, without a breath being taken. She looks at another, glazed over, showing nothing, feeling nothing and she says with her mouth agape "I am hungry."
-Hunger. Longing, part I