Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Greek Nudie

More experimentation with color schemes on skin tones.

Copic Study

My first time using copic markers.  I'm really loving them!
Also a character from a project I'm working on.

Thanks, Ryan Ottley

SO I was reading Invincible, and in the backs of the graphic novels, there are a few sketches done by the artists of the books and also my heroes, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley.  I noticed that Ottley used a different color pallete with markers than I was used to.  I gave it a shot and I loved the result.  So thank you, Mr. Ottley!

Pixie Bitch

Pixie Bitch.
Sorry for the darkness.  Doing the best I can without my own computer and no scanner lol

Herod, The Gnome

Herod! The Evil Gnome!
 Top: doodle circa 2010
Bottom: Ink drawing circa 2012